The Westminster Confession of Funk

Talking about theology, but keeping it funky

I am a husband and father and pastor of Trinity Covenant Church and teacher as St. Abraham’s Classical Christian Academy in Santa Cruz, CA.

I married my Indian Princess just before Y2K. I am an old fashioned Protestant Christian Humanist who lives where people vacation. I love music, love to surf, coach soccer for a hoard of minions, play the drums, and read actual flesh and blood books. I enjoy theology and literature and history and philosophy (if Sophie is serving beer) and Anglo-Saxon Poetry.

If I could have lunch with any three living people, I would have buffalo ribs with a butter, mushroom, cream sauce, Roxy Ray would be singing with Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, and I’d be at table with Tom Wolfe, ?uestlove, and Adam Schlesinger (and Brad Bird, because it’s my fantasy, and no one can count in my fantasy).

If I could have dinner with any three dead people (and the TARDIS was there with its universal language translation circuit) I’d have slow smoked dry ribs with the author of Beowulf, Herodotus, Martin Bucer, and Polycarp (see the previous paragraph if you have questions about my ability to count). And Janis Joplin would be singing with Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars backed up by Parliament Funkadelic of course.

My carefully crafted internet persona is also much cooler than my actual person, but I can live with that.

White Supremacist Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger started the back-alley abortion clinic which grew into the largest and most profitable non-profit organization in the world. She has been hailed as a great social reformer, a liberator, and a hero. She lives in the minds of many as one of the great saints of secularism. But the problem is, she was a white supremacist who wanted to use the power of the state to legally cleanse the land of non-whites.

In 1932, Sanger outlined and published her “Plan for peace,” that called for forced sterilization, legislated segregation, and concentration camps for all “dysgenic stocks.” Her close friend and adviser, Ernst Rudin, who served as Hitler’s director of genetic sterilization in Germany, was published, and praised by Sanger in the Planned Parenthood magazine.

Sanger’s ideology was not like Hitler’s. Her ideology was Hitler's. What is odd is that Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini have all been defamed and disavowed by every corner of society. Whether it is for their bad science, dangerous ideals, or for being instrumental in the deaths of millions, they are villains of history. Yet Margaret Sanger's work has continued under an identical ideology without opposition. People are not running out to resurrect the name of Hitler. Yet every year people try and re-paint Sanger as someone special and humane, someone with noble intentions.

“But what about all the good Planned Parenthood does? I see that Sanger and her company, Planned Parenthood, were white supremacists who wanted to kill minorities, but Planned Parenthood also offers cancer screenings. Not everything they do is bad.” True, Planned Parenthood does offer more than just abortions. Besides the racially motivated killing of babies they do offer certain other services. Some of them are even helpful. But the same can be said for Hitler’s Germany. They never just killed Jews. They had social programs. They had music, art, patriotism. The Nazis were refined. But refinement built on a foundation of human sacrifice is still barbaric. 

Because people have been willing to overlook Margaret Sanger’s ideology, her white supremacist vision for the world is succeeding before our very eyes. Her allies of World War II were defamed by the details of Auschwitz. Yet her organization has been able to target and destroy 30% of the African American population. She has succeeded where Hitler failed.

To this day Margaret Sanger’s vision lives on in the institution that is living her legacy. With governmental and social support, eugenics by abortion continues to press forward in America and throughout the world. May the church stand up to defend the fatherless and defenseless in our land. Margaret Sanger and her institution have proved themselves enemies of the unprotected minorities that are my neighbor, and therefore are my enemies as well.